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Job Options Consulting provides career planning and vocational assessment reports for individuals, insurers and personal injury lawyers in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, north east Victoria, south east coast New South Wales and elsewhere. Our reports are prepared by a Psychologist and Vocational Assessment Specialist with a background in personnel, recruitment, job placement and psychology. Our Specialist has been providing a range of specialised clinical and rehabilitation services to injured workers and others for over 30 years.
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A Vocational Assessment is used to identify whether or not an individual can return to work, and if so, at what.


The assessment should be fully informed and evidence based.
For an injured worker the role of a Vocational Assessment is to systematically gather data for a realistic assessment and report on the individuals work capacities.
The data should include an assessment of:
  • capacity to return to pre-injury or similar employment.
  • capacity for alternative employment with current work skills and injury impairment.
  • capacity to undertake an appropriate course of occupational retraining.
  • possible future employment prospects with or without retraining.
  • whether any occupational rehabilitation assistance could improve the injured workers prospect of returning to work.
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